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Thông số kỹ thuật

Đơn vịChi tiết model A6030
Kích thước bànmm700 x 410
Tải trọng tối đa của bànkg200
Hành trình trục X, Y, Zmm600 x 400 x 350
Table to spindle nosemm155 ~ 505
Spindle taperBT30
Pull studMAS403 P40T-1 (45°)
Spindle motorMitsubishikw5.5 / 3.7
FANUCkw3.7 / 2.2
X drive motorMitsubishikw1.5
Y drive motorMitsubishikw1.5
Z drive motorMitsubishikw3
Tốc độ trục chínhrpm10000
X, Y, Z axis rapid traversem/min48 / 48 / 60
Tools capacitytools20+1
Max. tool weightkg4
Max. tool lengthmm200
ATC timesec2.2 (T-T)
Net weightkg3200
Floor spacemm1700 x 2750 x 2360
  • Tool change time supplied with Mitsubishi controller and standard 60Hz power. For electrical requirements other than this standard, please contact one of our personnel.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the specifications / design, subject to change without further notice.
    Actual specifications, based on order content.


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